понеділок, 27 вересня 2010 р.

Birthdays and hedgehogs

My outfit from yesterday. My best frienв had her birthday vampire-themed party transformed into a picnic/barbeque day off. It was an awesome idea, 'cause there're like the last warm sunny autumn days, so how can we waste them?))

Jeans - Zara, tank - Cevine. Sweater - from somewere in Germany, it was a gift. Yellow belt - from Germany too. Bag - Jennifer or smth. Siver bird neclace, bought in a Jewelry Expo this spring. Ring - from Parfois. Union Jack earings - hand-made from beads by my friend.

It was the best autumn picnic ever. We went to the river beach, made a fire (in a safe place, we know the rules), cooked roacted meat (though I don't eat any meat or chicken for more than five years now), fish, mushrooms and baked potatoes, played frisby and badmimton.

My friend Victoria)) She's having a baby girl in 1.5 mounth. It's the cutest shirt I've ever seen. It says: I plan to escape this autumn")))) Awww.

I don't look good here, but I LOVE this picture)
Birthday girl)))
One of the girls invented a new weird game "save the princess" - which was hilarious since my friend/birthday girl's boyfriend brought his footbal team with him, so we had a group of big guys running circles in the sand)
And we've found a little tiny hedgehog! He apperently was a cheeze-lover like me)), so we fed him and put on the same spot we fond him on)) Look at him, isn't he adorable?

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