неділя, 17 жовтня 2010 р.

Book hour - Inkspell and This Rough Magic

Been really busy for the last week with translation of Glee and especially with participation in handmade fair with my friend. It was an amazing experience, but I'm tired beyond belief.

Spent the whole day lying on the coach, drinking amazing green tea and reading. Finished Inkspell (loved every letter in it, going to buy the last book tomorrow) and The Rough Magic by Mary Stewart (quite enjoyed it, though it's really weird for me to read a book about Corfu, which is not written by Gerald Durrell).


This is what I've been missing lately - a cozy quiet day, full of good books and good tea. I plan to do all of this for a few more hours, and than will try and make myself do something useful - I have a huge "to do list".

- to clean my room

- to strike the balance of jewelry, paintings and knitted/crocheted things I've sold on fair

- to translate (yeah, I'm not happy at all, but it's the last episode, yay!)

- to have a nice evening with tea and candles.

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