неділя, 24 жовтня 2010 р.

Last days of 25 year

I'm having the best time now! It's sad to think that these are the last days of my 25 years and I'll turn 26 just in two days. Feels weird, but still - having the awesome days lately.
On Wednesday few of my friends and I went on a club concert (which was actually a dance night). I haven't been dancing properly for way too long, so I had a blast - danced my legs off, had a mojito, met a cousin of one of my best friend... And afterwards we went for some beers and a nice talk in an outdoors bar - it's still not really cold, and I want to enjoy the last days of non-freezing weather.
On Thursday I worked a lot and finally finished translating Glee! Yay and cheers to that. Good-bue, mr. Shue, you do have a werdly curly hair.
On Friday I've met with Sveta over pizza and tuna salad dinner.We haven't seen each other for a long time, and it was nice to finally meet. I've congratulated her with her birthday and gave her a small present - ladybug earings, made by my mom.
And today Ira and I went to Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (it's a beautiful park actually, not a classical museum) and had an amazing autumn day - it was warm and sunny, the leaves were wonderfully red or yellow, and out mood was eaqually as bright.


So I'm in a great mood - I have some great pictures by Ira (we call her "the girl with the camera"), which I'm going to post tomorrow, yummy gingerbread in a shape of an owl and a new beautiful candle holder (on the picture - I've seen the same thing on etsy a few days ago and fell in love with it). Can't believe that I've found it! 
The guy, who made it and sold it to me, said, that it "contains only clay, water and fire", and I loved this line.
Plus I had a good crafting evening - decoupaged two big magnets, a cute button and started working on a decorative bird-house (pictures are coming soon). Oh, and watched Merlin. Yes, I'm almost 26 and I watch Merlin. And I like it!

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