середа, 6 жовтня 2010 р.


Weird days lately. Working and working, got three episodes of Glee left (to translate, not to watch).

Meanwhile it's getting really cold outside. I went to my Granny's birthday party on Sunday and almost froze to death, even in tall socks, leather jacket and gloves I crocheted last autumn.

Long story short - I'm feeling a bit down. Cold, lonely, depressed by constant translating and, let's be honest, lack of life. The only good thing that happened lately - I got payed for two of my recent translating projects ('Contender' and '30 Rock').

Don't know why I even bother to write this, honestly - it's not like there's someone on this blog) So I'm gonna stop all the brooding and complaining and go to bed. It's like 2.18 a.m. in my city now)

And a pretty thing, to end on the positive thought - my late grandma's (or great grandma's, I'm not sure) little pocket watch that I'm going to watch as a necklace with this chain and keys. It's not even vintage, it's already antique.

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