понеділок, 13 грудня 2010 р.

Monday's fashion inspirations

The first one is this very beautiful French actress. Her name is Roxane Mesquida and I've never seen her in a movie. But thanks to tumblr I often see her pictures, and that's how I fell in love with this outfit)))


I like that she looks very chic, very French with just the right amount of vintage and even retro. The outfit is rather simple - coat, dress, shoes, - but so beautiful. I find this combination of fabrics and patterns very stylish.
The next (and the last for now) is Spanish designer Pedro Garcia. One of my favorite girls, Katie McGrath, is also one of my style icons (though she's not actually that famous, even in UK) loves his shoes, so that's how I heard of him for the first time. And became his admirer as soon as I've googled his shoes collections.
I'm not a very big heels-lover now. At some point I used to wear heels all the time, but those times are gone. When you work in show-business, your legs are gonna pretty much hate you after even one day spent entirely on heels. So now, after a few years without heels, I can only manage a few hours in them (I'm trying to teach my legs to love heels again, but it's a long and often painful process).
But I'd love the pair of Pedro Garcia's boots, honestly. This heels look pretty steady and comfortable, and I love the fact that all this boots have a little wedge as well - it's much better for feet, as my previous experience shows.


I even considered buying a pair from ebay, but I have a little problem with internet shopping. I've never actually bought a pair of shoes (of any kind) via internet, without trying them on. I've ordered a pair of rain boots recently - I'm still waiting for them to arrive, and I'm still a little scared that they won't fit. And that's rain boots! They are pretty simple, they don't have to fit like a glove. 'Cause okay, I can see myself buying rain boots or those beautiful Vivienne Westwood's pirate boots online - they don't have heels or problematic instep (I have a very high one). But these beauties - they have to really fit...
It's like a vicious circle - I really want them, but I'm scared of disappointment, but I really want them.

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  1. I love Roxane's white coat, I'm always a big fan of white/cream-colored coats. And the wedge boots are so great! I bought a pair of them myself and love that I can walk in them and never have to worry about feeling wobbly or having the heel slip into subway grating!

  2. Hi again Marina, I have a really great cream-colored coat from J. Crew. I hardly ever wear it though because the thought of getting on the filthy subway wearing my pristine coat makes me change my mind every time!

    And the wedge boots, what a revelation those have turned out to be.