понеділок, 27 грудня 2010 р.

Outfit and the tree)

I have a few free seconds, which means that I'm not working on my new Discovery translations (really need to finish them as soon as possible and get payed) and I'm not sleeping, which would be a wise thing to do, 'cause I've got three ongoing work projects now:
- full time freelance (yeah, I know) of doing really mindless work (I get to communicate with really cool people while working and get payed often, but I also have to get up at 7-00, and I've been working from home for a long time - I'm usually awake at this time only if I haven't got to bed at all,
- Discovery translations,
- re-writing side job for my friend's boyfriend and his company.

And I also have to find time for:
- radio school (tomorrow is my last class before holidays, yay!),
- meeting my friends, who came home from Warshaw for New Year,
- visiting an excibition at a really cool gallery,
- picking and sending gifts and postcards (I'm so late this year, shame on me),
- pre-holiday thrifting (I fell in love with a pair of wedges and waiting for the right price),
- buying a Christmas tree and decorating it with handmade ornaments.

Well, crazy days.
But I'm so happy that last night I've took some time off from all the craziness and had a night out with my friends! We've watched Tangled (none of us had time to watch it before), shopped for some handmade goodies and had an amazing dinner.
And later my friend took these pictures of me under the Christmas tree in a small mall. So hi, that's me again)



I'm wearing:
- Coat, blue top and blue ribbon (used as a belt over cardigan) - Oggi
- Brooch - vintage, my grandmother's
- Cardigan - Ostin
- Handbag - Orsay
- Skirt - made by a tailor almost 8 years ago
- Shawl - thrifted
- Ring - gift from Venice
- Pendant - DIY from antique pocket watch and keys
- Brown leather high heel boots - my mom's, no brand.

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