понеділок, 10 січня 2011 р.

Monday fashion inspirations - 70-s

My friends left yesterday, but I'm even busier now - I have to catch up with work (and I've got a lot of translations now), I need to fix my laptop and I need to work on my crochet earings for sale.
So this week's inspirations will be really short((
I heart 70-s, I really do. As an 80-s child, I'm still trying hard to find enormous shoulder pads, crazy hair and lots of blue eye-shadow amusing, but 70-s are my love. Just like 60-s, 50-s, 40-s...)))
But seriously, 70-s rocked full time. And rescently I've had an oppotunity to remember my admiration of this time - there's an article about my favorite girl Katie McGrath and a gorgeous photoshoot 'Swing Time' in the new issue of InStyle Magazine UK.


Check it out! It's great - love all the fringe, wedges, cute accessories etc.)))

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