четвер, 17 березня 2011 р.



Jeans - Zara
Coat - Oggi
Cardigan - Fat Face (thrifted) 
Shirt - Kyiv street vendors (bought almost ten years ago and altered)
Satchel - Derby
Booties - Carnaby
Brooch - Vintage (my Grandma's)
Crown earings - made by my mom



I look a little tired and I have a good reason - last couple of weeks were a nightmare on work. But I'm holding up and starting to find time for simple joys of life (I think I don't need to take this much freelance work).

So today my friend and I went to PinchukArtCentre (it's a great modern art center, one of the best in Europe) for a new exhibition. It consists of two great shows:

- "You+I" by the South African artist Candice Breitz - she's made three unbelievable tribute installations dedicated to Michael Jackson, Madonna and John Lennon. They look like a line of displays showing a bunch of fans who's singing their idol's songs. I've enjoyed all of the so much! Especially the 'John Lennon's portrait' - he's one of my all time favorites.

- “Tool Bit” by Mexican artist Damian Ortega - it's just so interesting and impressive. Especially his model of the future social housing - it looks like a bunch of mind-blowing cyber-punk hives.

Then we went to have some coffee+cookies, so my evening was awesome. And I heart this outfit - it's great for work and great for an art show, it's pretty and comfy at the same time. Love it.

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