середа, 6 липня 2011 р.


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Traditional Ukrainian shawl I've bought in my favorite thrift store. It's actually funny - they sell only stuff from UK, and last week I've found two Ukrainian shawls, black and white there (I've bought both, duh)). It's just so weird - I can't help but think about women who wore them, who took this beautiful things to UK with them.
Why have I bought them? I couldn't left them in the shop, just couldn't. And, by the way, they were so much cheaper then the new ones, so why the hell not?

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Cute Teddy bear I bought at the same store. i saw him whily bying the first shawl last week - he was looking at me with those pretty eyes and offering me flowers. I went back there today and he was still waiting for me to take him home. I did (and for half of the price)). One of my secrets - I have a pretty good collection of teddy bears, and I've saved bears from thrift stores before. I take good care of them)))
Oh, and my Disney princess tea mug. I've bought it 'cause it's huge, not 'cause it's pink) But sadly my favorite Disney princess is not on in - there're Snowwhite, Cinderella andBelle, but I;ve always loved Jasmine the best)
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A white rose I got from a frieng today. The clay bottle was a gift from my mom's friend who knew I love interesting bottles.
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Teapot I've inharited from my father. I've rescently recovered it from my grear grandma house (there's gonna be a blog post full of family treasures and vintage dresses). He loved to make a whole teapot of the strongest tea possible and drink it while he was reading some book. I haven't made tea in it yet, but I love to have it in my room.

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