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Monday Fashion Inspiration - Charlotte Riley

Monday fashion inspiration on Tuesday)
Today I want to write a little about beautiful, talented and very stylish actress Charlotte Riley. I loved her in The Take, even in DCI Banks (the show itself is incredibly bad written, but Charlotte was amazing - she made her character very conflicted, interesting and captivating in a weird dark way), but especially in Wuthering Hights. And the fact that she've met her love on the set... Well, it's like a happy ending to this dark story.
I don't know, who's Charlotte stylist is, if there is one, but nevertheless - she always looks amazing. Her very feminine, beautiful, always recognizable style is a true pleasure to watch. I actually think, that when Antonia Thomas appeared on, I believe, BAFTAs in that cute dress with full patterned skirt, my first thought was: "Oh, this dress is so Charlotte!".


Beautiful and elegant garden party dress // This one is actually my favorite. Beautiful top, polka-dotted princess skirt - amazing.



What I also like about Charlotte is that she also really good at creating smart casual and every day outfits. Being a pattern girl myself I usually look at her pictures with hearts in my eyes. Tartan, stripes, houndstooth, tall boots, chunky scarfs - so pretty.

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