неділя, 23 жовтня 2011 р.

Thrift finds of the week

Of many weeks))) Yeah, it's been a while - at first I was in Moscow, then I came back to work just to find a huge madness because of our agency's biggest project. So the next week I've spent between two cities, organizing entertainment program for a week long conference. And when it all was finished, I've got a new client end had to spend this week organizing a new event. But now I have a few free hours, so I'll try to caught up on blogging)
So, thrift finds of past three weeks (my God, it's been so long!). There's been a few, and finally I've got some color)


Maxi dress with a great print. I need to alter it a bit, because it's too big on me, but I can;t wait to wear it (and I'll have to wait fro like 7 month)))

Colorful floral top - I really like florals on dark, and it's been one of the trends I was very looking to wearing this autumn.

Military Zara dress - I always wanted to try something like this. So buying such a dress from thrift store is the best solution - I didn't have to pay much for it and I wouldn;t be disapponted if it turned up wrong for me. When I brought it home, I saw the stain (you can also see it on the picture above) and I really hope it'll came off after washing.

Asos Union Jack t-short, hand-knitted sweater and a cute Warehouse skirt (I've been looking for something like this for a while).

MNG strapless dress - I'm in love with colors and pattern, and I love the fact that I can wear it as a skirt and as a dress.
6 (563x750)

My favorite find of past weeks. I have no idea what brand is this - I've tried googling it, but I was sent to some Korean web-sites. This dress is really costumy - it has an under skirt and a really full skirt, high waist and a great bodice, so I think it can be a piece from some king of an Asian store. Love this dress to pieces - I wore it to conference I've told you about, and I've got lots of compliments))
And these great leather boots - I've never bought shoes in thrift store, and I never thought I would. But these boots are great, I think I'm gonna wear them tomorrow.

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