середа, 4 січня 2012 р.

Presents from me for... me

I've been working really hard this past year - I have three jobs and barely ever allow myself to rest through the whole weekend - so in the end of this busy time decided to make myself a few presents)
It;s not all - I've also bought myself a great pair of black boots (this is when I have to go and knock on the wood)) with the rest if my birthday money (sadly I don't have a good picture now). That's how busy I was - I had no time to spend my birthday money!

Jessica Simpson Maris wedge sandals in elk - they were an absolute bargain, and I do need some nice wedges for spring/summer (though who knows, this winter is still really warm)).

Knitwear dress from boohoo.com - I really like it, but it has a slight problem. The sizes are too big, so 10-12 fits more like 14-16. I need to sew it in.
And this pretty flight jacket - I really wanted to have it in chocolate, not in stone, so I might eng up ordering the chocolate one too))

And what about you? Have you got yourself any presents this year?

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