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TV style - Broke, yet stylish

I finally decided to make this feature weekly, and I hope I'll be more organized with it then I'm with 'Monday fashion inspirations')

 I really like new sitcom '2 Broke Girls' and I'm fascinated by the great work their costume designer Trayce Field. Both Max and Caroline have great unique style - very different, but very real. Both of them have real life wardrobes - limited amount of clothes, that they mix up and style in different way. So refreshing and cool)

 You can read a great interview with Trayce here. And here few of my favorite quotes:

 - There is a very fine line between being an individual/vintage cool, and hipster. Hipsters go overboard with the coolness, like they’re too cool for school. Max is who she is. She couldn’t ever afford to go to pricey stores, but she wants to look good. So she makes the most out of stores like Salvation Army.

 - Caroline’s inspiration was Carolyn Bessette. Classy, yet stylish, young fresh with her own slight twist on things. Everything she touches has the feeling of being rich. She stole clothes from her townhouse, which is why she has what she has. She’s hanging onto them and rotating them.

 - Max is a girl after my own heart! She goes to the flea market and the thrift stores. And she goes through every single rack to find the pieces that really work for her. Those are her things, and she holds onto them forever.

 Я нарешті вирішила зробити цю рубрику щотижневою і, сподіваюсь, що буду в цьому більш організованою, ніж у 'Monday fashion inspirations')

 Мені дуже подобається новий ситком '2 Broke Girls', і я у захваті від роботи їхнього дизайнера костюмів, Трейс Філд. Макс та Керолайн кожна мають свій чудовий унікальний стиль - дуже різний та дуже справжній. У обох з них цілком реальні гардероби - обмежена кількість одягу, з яким вони граються та вигадують нові комбінації. Дуже свіжа та приємна ідея) 

Чудове інтерв*ю з Трейс можна прочитати тут.


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