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How I wear my: burgundy

A few weeks ago lovely Jill from Everything Just So invited me to participate in "How I wear my" again. I was very honored, and also the theme of October was burgundy and bordeaux - two of my all time favorite colors) So I was very happy to take part)
But it took me a while to post this pictures - my laptop died, and I haven't bought a new one yet.
I wore/Я вдягала: 
Dress/Сукня - Asos
Pashmina/Пашмина - from a small market next to my first job
Bag/Сумка - Centro
Flats/Балетки - Centro
Jacket/Піджак - Pilot
Bracelet/Браслет - Topshop

IMG_4975 (563x750)

IMG_4978 (563x750)

Here are two ways I wore burgundy pashmina that day - as a scarf while walking the street and as a pashmina while having coffee with my friends. I absolutely love this color - it's easily one of my favorites, along with turquoise. I've bought this scarf for it's color, but never thought that it'll be this versatile. I use it to add the extra bit of color to the outfit, as I did today, with this grey-blue dress from Asos. Never actually thought it'll work, but I love the result. That's what's great about burgundy - not only it's gorgeous, chic and uper feminine, it can also surprize you by it's versatility)) You can see a lot of beautiful ladies wearing burgundy and bordaux over here, at Jill's blog - How I Wear My: Burgundy and Bordeaux.

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