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How to... - pack for a long trip to Asia, part 1

Living out of your suitcase for a few month can be really hard. You can found out that all of the things you've packed are mismatched or that you're wearing few of the same things and everything else is just sitting in the closet.

I've successfully avoided this situation by carefull planning and packing simple basic things. Surelly I've brought a few pieces I haven't even worn once these past 2.5 month, but mostly I'm pretty impressed by my wardrobe choises. I'm usually much worse in this))

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The key is dressing simple - me and my friend Laura at our favorite reggae bar.

So, here's what I packed:

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Sister's dress, Vero moda (via Asos) stripped dress, H&M thrifted tea-dress

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Two pairs of navy shorts (both two big on me now, so I had to buy a new pair), two thrifted floral skirts - one is more casual, the other one is a bit dressier), a pair of thrifted blue jeans 

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Two t-shirts - self-made stripped t-shirt with zipper shoulders, Topshop button-shoulder grey t-shirt, 
Two long-sleeve shirts - H&M thifted floral shirt, white cotton&lace shirt (borrowed it from my mum, and she bought it at out favorite thrift store)

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Two shirts - black thrifted cotton short-sleeve shirt, Topshop plaid shirt, 
Two dressy tops - everything5pounds.com top (my favorite, actually), black H&M top

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My trusty Ostin black cardigan (you can see it at tons of my outfit photos), boohoo.com black hoodie (everyone will tell you that you don't need any warm clothes in Asia, but it's not true - if you're travelling, especially by buses and trains, you'll definitelly need a pair of jeans, a pair of warm socks and a hoodie to cover your ears. Trust me, it saved me on the trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, and on the trip to Laos), a thrifted H&M military jacket/parka (never worn it here, but the rainy season is right around the corner), a pretty b.p.s. scarf , a practical thrifted belt that saved me when my fhorts started to fall off me)

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Shoes - this is where I made a few mistackes. 
1. Blink gladiator sandals - they've saved me through the last three summers, walking around Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but finally died on me a week after my move here. 
2. Blink ballerinas - it appears that I can't wear them in a such a warm climat without getting blisters (though summers in Kyiv are usually super hot too)
3. everything5pounds wedge shoes - never worn them here and I don't think that I will) They are way too dressy plus I love to walk or bike everywhere.
4. New Yorker sneakers - I wore them when I left Kyiv in the cold beginning of spring. But they are too warm for this climat. I want to buy a pair of light canvas sneakers for some hiking trips.

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Acessories - I've selected a few pairs of earrings and a few different bracelets (if anyone is interested, I can make a few closer pictures), three pairs of sunglasses, my favorite everything5pounds.com wallet, Asos canvas backpack, my trusty thrifted leather cross-body bag. I've aso packed two canvas tote bags to go to the market (the best decision ever))

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I hope this post will be helpfull to those who go to Asia for a longer period of time.
Later I'll make a post on some essentials I've bought when I got to Thailand - mostly simple t-shirts and tank-tops, few dresses, new shoes, a skirt, new shorts, new shoes and Aladdin panth.

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  1. I would love to go to Asia eventually. In the meantime, great advise.

  2. I can't even begin to imagine packing for such a long trip. I think you are right, simple seperates. X