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How to... - pack for a long trip to Asia, part 2

Now I want to focus on a few mistakes I've made while packing. You can't avoid those mistakes and you have to learn from them (and I actually want you to learn from my mistakes, because this way you'll be able to avoid some of them).

1. Less dresses, more separates

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you've noticed that I'm a hopeless dress girl. Honestly, when I'm at home in Kyiv, where I have a huge wardrobe and many things to choose from, I always choose dresses. But while you're living out of your suitcase and have very limited space and budget to add to your travel wardrobe, I'd suggest you leave your dresses behind. You can take one amazing dress that can save you on a date night or some other occasion, but other dresses should stay at home.
I'm actually thinking about mailing two out of three dresses I've brought with me home, because I simply never wear them. I'd be much happy if I packed more shorts and skirts.

2. Versatility is the key

If you've read my previous post on packing for a long trip to Asia, you noticed that I've brought only two skirts. I regret packing that black floral skirt every single day. I'm be much more happy if it stayed at home and I'd packed something more casual and versatile instead. I should've just pack that white and purple skirt (this one is perfect and usually saves me when I have a date of a holiday to go to) and something grey or black. This Isabel Marant skirt would've been PERFECT:

Bohemian Chic also wore in on her trip around Asia)

For now I'm just thinking about trying out this tutorial and making a wrap skirt out of a piece of jersy.

3. Be practical

Don't pack any clothes that doesn't fit. I've made a mistake of taking a pair of shorts that were quite roomy, and as a result they fall off me after two weeks. I also know a few people who packed lots of items that were too small in hope to lose weight here, and ended up buying almost an entire wardrobe instead because they had nothing to wear. So know your size and be practical. You probably will lose some weight here due to much healthier living, but still it's better to pack for your current size and shape.

These probably are the best advices I can give you right now. I also thought that I should say something about evening clothes - I haven't worn any of my evening tops or my wedge shoes. But I'm planning on spending almost a month in Bangkok, so I may still wear them after all)

Stay tuned for the part 3 - the essentials you can buy on arrival)

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