пʼятниця, 18 березня 2016 р.

Thank you, Thailand!

Facebook memories reminded me that right about this time three years ago I moved to Chiang Mai and was in the process of adapting to my new life - trying out new food, discovering the city on a rented pink bicycle and having mango shakes for breakfast.

When I think about that period of my life, I feel so many mixed emotions. It was one of the craziest experiences ever, and I have to be honest - it didn't go that smoothly in the beginning. Moving to another part of the world all on your own is not easy sometimes, especially if you're moving with lots of hopes, dreams and fears.

That's why I'm writing this post to say thank you to this amazing country. Thank you, Thailand!


Thank you for being so beautiful, happy and welcoming!


the sense of home 4


Thank you for being so much fun!


Thank you for being the most delicious place in the whole white world! For som tam with rice, for khao soy, for tom kha with sea food, for moo kata, for watermelon shakes and mango sticky rice!



Thank you for taking me as your own and showing me who I am and who I want to be. For teaching me to enjoy simple and easy life, not to give in into consumerism and to appreciate minimal simple lifestyle.

Koh Phangan


Thank you for being full of contrasts! For beautiful green temples and skyscrapers, and jungles, and islands!


Koh Phangan


Thank you for opening Asia for me, for being so close to so many wonderful countries (and for having crazy visa restrictions that make every expat travel outside of Thailand every 2-3 month!) 



Thank you for ice coffees (and teaching me to scream from the top of my lungs "No, no, please no condensed milk!"); for beautiful temple celebrations; for Songkran, when I was scared to go out of my guest house - children on my street were always ready to force me into a real ice bucket challenge; for your wonderful national anthem and traditional 6 o'clock "Freeze! Anthem time!" tradition. For owners of the fruit shake stand at Pratu Chiang Mai, that always treated me like family. For weekend markets, for dragonflies, for shoes, broken from walking too much, for everything!

Especially for making me who I am today. Without you, without this experience I would've never be where I am now and for this I'm also forever grateful. 


I know I will come back soon. And I know exactly what will I do, where will I go, what will I try. 
And also - how happy it will make me feel. Because it's great to come back home, even (especially!) when you have multiple homes. 

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