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#45daysofblogging 06: the best brownie ever

Day 6 - August 23

Welcome to day 6!

Today's post is inspired by the amazing cooking/baking evening I had with my friends and flatmates tonight. The idea was not only to cook and eat, but also to learn from each other, as I've never made a tiramisu o rustico (the traditional dish of Lecce - puff pastry pockets, full of tomato sauce, bechamel and mozzarella)  before, and my friends have never baked a brownie.


So, after all those dishes were made and eaten (except for tiramisu - it rests in the fridge to become a perfect bella vita breakfast for tomorrow), I realized that the brownie recipe I used is awesome enough to dedicate one day of #45daysofblogging to it. I'm actually considering sharing more recipes, as I really love to cook and collect recipes like this - simple and delicious.

My food philosophy is simple - I love it fresh, easy and with minimum of ingredients. This brownie was the absolute favorite dessert in our volunteer apartment a year ago (thank you, Daria, it changed my life). Now every time I feel like being a classy lady, I bake it for people and it never let me down.

So, you will only need 5 ingredients - 1 chocolate bar (about 100 gr, the darker the better), 125 gr of unsalted butter, 2 eggs, about half a cup of sugar (I use less, but it comes with experience and many experiments) and about a cup of flour (the same thing - I never measure, just eyeball it).

Put a pot on a small fire and leave your chocolate and butter to slowly melt together into a wonderfully smelling goodness. Beat up the eggs with the sugar, add the flour. Put both mixtures together, make sure you have no lumps and put in on a buttered baking sheet. Bake on 150 degrees for about 20 minutes until ready. Eat with coffee or tea and enjoy. You can also serve it with whipped cream or crushed nuts on top.

That's it. Simple, fast and delicious, just how I like it. Now it's one of my favorite deserts, together with apple cinnamon (my family classic) and pumpkin and lemon pies.

I hope this was a useful post and a nice alternative to traveling posts.

See you tomorrow! 

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