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#45daysofblogging 16: Sicily is...

Day 16 - September 2

Sorry, I'm still struggling with internet and really hope that tomorrow the problem will be resolved, but for now I have no choice but to write all my posts in Word and then post all of them together. Oh, so much for 45daysofblogging and posting every day as a personal challenge!

I think I’ve mentioned my photo exhibition I’ve had in Palermo in the beginning of 2015 (yes, I am modest like that!). But I’m pretty sure I’ve never posted any photos, so here we go. 


I’m very aware of the fact that I have a long way to go before I will be able to call myself a photographer with confidence. I have many things to learn and many experiences to live. But this is the thing I absolutely love to do and I will not change it for the world. I was actually seriously considering doing a master’s degree in photography, but then life took me in another direction. 


Now, 1,5 years later, I already know all the things I would’ve done differently and why. But I’m still very happy and grateful for the opportunity to share my vision of Sicily with others. And I want to share it here too.


I made this exhibition as my personal project almost at the end of my EVS. So it has nothing to do with planned out thematic photography projects, as I just included photos that symbolized my time on Sicily and the way I see it.


It was a very cathartic experience. I was printing a small versions of photos, moving them on the table, arranging them in different orders to try and make them to tell a story. A story of a Ukrainian girl, that came to a beautiful island straight after the scariest, most intense time of her life (our ex-president run away from Ukraine in the end of February and in the beginning of April I was already taking photos of the mountains from the plane).


This photo selection was a sort of a goodbye to good times, to people I've met, to the most amazing group of friends that was created here and ever since spread around the world (but still stays in touch). It was a symbolic end, but also, as it turned out later, even more symbolic beginning of something equally great.  


That's why it meant and still means so much to me. Even though the editing of some photos still makes me cringe a bit (of course I chose not to include those photos in this post, haha).

See you!

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