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#45daysofblogging 18: The whole new level of sexism

Day 18 - September 4

I don’t know how I got so lucky, but both of the countries I consider my homes are currently in the midst of sexist scandals. And I really want to address them both, one by one, as I feel personally and professionally touched by both of them. 


So let's start with my motherland. After all the disrespect towards female athletes during the Olympics, Ukrainian media decided to step up to the international ones. One of the news portals referred to the acting head of the Kharkiv regional state administration as “32-year old blond”. In the headline. Yes. 

* While writing this post I made my research on he current state of things. Ever since the public outrages the website did... nothing about it.  Absolutely. No apologies, no explanation, and the article about a nameless 32-year old blond is still at the same place it was. Well done, Korrespondent.net!

At the same time Italian minister of health Beatrice Lorenzin started an initiative that, in her opinion, will motivate Italians to have children earlier. She announced September 22 the country’s first Fertility Day, and decided to popularize it with the help from motivational posters. Here are some of them, to illustrate the problem.


"Hurry up, don't wait for a stork". "Beauty has no age, fertility does"."Young parents. The best way to be creative". "Fertility is a common good". "Prepare a cradle for the future". "The constitution protects conscious and responsible childbirth".

These are only a few of them.

I don't even know what is more offensive in this campaign. Referring to women and men like to products with an expiration date? Treating people's personal choice (and a personal responsibility!) as "a common good"? Not even thinking about people who don't want to have children? Having no respect for those who want to have children, but can't?

I only know that the third poster almost made me laugh through tears. Yes, being a young parent is the best way to develop one's creativity. Especially in a country where 37.9% of young people are unemployed and forced (btw, by government) to go from one unpaid internship to another one in hope to be employed in the future.

For example, a person with Master's degree in psychology has to undergo a full year (!) of unpaid internship to be able to find a job. And I don't even want to speak about Youth Guarantee in Italy.

So I can applaud Beatrice for a "great" idea. She managed to popularize the word "fertility" in the record time. I just wonder - how could anyone think that it's possible to bully people into having children, especially by using fear and disrespect?

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