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Three years later

Three years ago, after a lot of thought, the revolutionary winter and one of many Lufthansa strikes, I finally managed to land in Palermo. 

It was Sunday, April 6. I remember wearing a denim shirt with leather collar, searching for my suitcase for ages, missing the bus to the city and waiting for half an hour in the rays of the warmest Sicilian sun. Oddly enough I didn't have any specific expectations or worries.

It was the beginning of a new adventure, but not more than that. 


I had quite specific plans for when I will come back to Kyiv, that included photography, politics, and going back to Thailand for a few months to work on my book. Sicily was one of the great steps on the way to mindful and enjoyable life, but I never planned to stay here more than for 9 months of my EVS project.

On that day I've had many first meetings - with Palermo, with my first ever roommate, with Sicilian ice cream sandwiches (that was a tough one, and I am not joking), with people that unexpecdedly became very important for me. The next morning I was drinking my coffee on the balcony of our apartment, looking down on the busy street and living through that perfect state of mind, when you have no anxiety and no expectations, just living the sunny moment and enjoying it.  

And yes, how you already know, three years later I'm still here, on the sunny island, that every day makes me love it and hate it in a split second. 

Coat - Asos, Jeans & Backpack - Zara, Sweater - H&M, Boots - Bata

I don't want to evaluate these past three years. I don't think that I've changed this much, but to some point I did. I've also managed to do so much more than I ever imagined, met an incredible amount of people, see so many cool places, leave and come back.

I was writing this short post for almost a week for one small reason - I really didn't know what I wanted to say. After some time you lose the excitement and start looking at things a bit more critically, you get into a routine and get responsibilities you are not that happy about. So at this moment I can't write a I-am-absolutely-in-love-with-Palermo post, not if I want to be genuine. But I also cannot write anything bad or sad, as I still love this place and I'm still very happy here.

So I'm letting this post become a milestone and an important day acknowledgement. And moving on - to new goals, dreams, wishes, efforts and successes.

These past three years were very, very cool. But the best is still int he future!

Please check out my YouTube Channel and I will see you later!

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