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Travel time - Turin -> Milan -> Bergamo work trip

Hey, lovely people!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that a few weeks ago I travelled to the North of Italy to conduct some interviews for my research. I've already visited Turin once (check out my blog posts about that trip here and here)  and also been to Milan multiple times (I love to write about my complicated relationships with this city so you can check my previous posts here), but have never been to Bergamo.

And even though I was mostly working and didn't have much time to just enjoy my trip, I still manage to squeeze in some fun activities - a cup of cappuccino at the cat cafe, a few nice walks and the visit to the Museum of Cinema (last time we did only the elevator to the top of Mole to enjoy the view).


So let's go!

I came to Turin on the warmest, sunniest and loveliest day and, walking through the city centre with my suitcase, thought how lucky I am to find such a lovely weather up in the North of Italy.

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Continue to read and see some photos!

Of course, the next day I was blocked at the Muji store by a torrential rain and had to buy not only the pens I came for but also one of their foldable umbrellas. After making a few steps down the street, I was forced to go to another store and buy a huge scarf.

* useful tip - don't forget umbrellas and scarfs, they ARE important.


I absolutely loved to Turin the first time around, and really appreciated the opportunity to stay there for a week to understand the city better, discover more cool places and meet great people. I really loved San Salvario (a sort of a community centre, that had different activities, a bar and a B&B), Casa del Quartiere (space, that used to be public baths, but now offers many activities for adults and children, has a bar and a lovely courtyard) and Officine Corsare (artistic and social centre).


I went to Officine Corsare only once, but it was a great, great evening - we went to see a beautiful play Il Mare a Cavallo - the monologue of Felicia Bartolota, mother of Peppino Impastato. I always loved and will always love art for the imprint in leaves on you - it's been almost one month, and I still think about it, and repeat some words in my head.


And the Museum of Cinema... I was geeking out so much I spent at least 3 hours there, just walking between Moloch's statue, a giant fridge, the door with Wile E. Coyote-shaped hole in it, the infamous round bed and many other surreal cinematic items. BTW, loooved the way they opposed the Metropolis clock to the Moloch temple statue! 


This museum is for sure one of the places to visit if you are even in Turin. I know I will go there again and again, and will be happy to pay for the ticket.


So yes, this place gets my highest recommendation. If you are a movie lover, you will not regret it. 


So yes, the Turin part was amazing. I was able to do a lot for my research, and also to enjoy myself a lot, and meet amazing, amazing people. 


After a week in Turin I took a train to Milan, where I have many friends, that are near and dear to me. I only had one day there, but it was amazing as always - long walks in the sun...

Coat - Sisley | Boots - Trivict | Skirt and top - H&M | Cardigan - Camaieu
.. seeing my friends, some shopping...


... lazy afternoons at Naviglie, cappuccinos with doughnuts and other great things. 


The next day I took a train to Bergamo, where I had one more meeting. I was supposed to go back to Palermo that evening from Bergamo airport, so it was perfect. After my meeting was over, I decided to walk around, enjoy the sun and explore the city a bit more.

I took a funicular up the hill, to Bergamo alta - the higher part of the city, a bit more touristic and ascient. this little cable car made me miss Kyiv so much - if you ever been there and tried out the Kyiv's funicular, you know what I'm talking about. 


The city itself was beautiful, the weather too, so I really enjoyed myself, took some photos, bought postcards for my friends and loved ones and had overall a great time until there was the time to go to the airport.


What can I add to summarise my trip? Only a few short things:
- It was great and very productive. 
- Apparently, I cannot go to the North without being showered by rain. 
- Turin has an incredible amount of great places and projects. 
- People, don't travel without your scarfs and umbrellas.

Thank you and see you next time! 

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