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Travel diary - Ghent, Belgium

Good Monday, my friends!

As usual, I have a new video for you!

Yesterday I finally went to Ghent - one of my must-see destinations in Belgium (yes, I do have a list, and I'm basically flying through it!).


Ghent is a beautiful city quite close to Brussels (I don't think that it took me more than 40 minutes to get there from Brussels Midi station) and it always was one of my priorities for this three months in Belgium. 

So... I kinda both liked and disliked it. Let me explain:

It's an absolutely beautiful city and I wish I could spend a few days (rather than a few hours) there. But it was one of those weird trips when way too many things went wrong - the weather was weird (it was sunny, gloomy, rainy, warm and ridiculously cold at the same time, I took the wrong tram from the station and had to wait for the right one in some unidentifiable place in cold wind, everything (and I mean everything - every shop, supermarket and bar, apart from those in the city centre) was closed, so I couldn't even hide from the rain until I arrived in the centre.

But... It was still worth it. Because Ghent is absolutely beautiful and charming, and I really need to visit it again, but in better weather and day of the week (I should've been used to the fact that almost everything in Belgium is closed on Sunday, but I still can't).

Anyways, check out my video and please don't mind my weathered looks - it was way too windy and cold to look nice.

Have a great Monday evening and see you around!

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