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Travel diary - Autumn in Paris

Hello, amazing people!

This past weekend I went to Paris. This was one of the experience gifts I made for myself for my birthday this year, and I cannot be happier about it!
(stay tuned for the second part of the gift - coming to you next Monday!)

So... It was my first time in Paris. And I never had a dream about going there. And I'm not one of those people who think that it's the epitome of romance, beauty and elegance.
And... I absolutely loved it, even despite the fact that I find calling Paris "the city of love" is a super cringe-worthy cliche.  

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I went there by myself for many reasons but had a great trip and can safely say that the first part of my present was very well received by the birthday girl (ME!).

As you can see in the video, I've taken two different walking tours, and I loved both of them for different reasons. It's actually one of the things I love to do in any new city (especially those ones, where I have only a few days), and I cannot recommend this type of tours enough - it's perfect to have a quick view of the city, meet your fellow travellers and see some of the places even locals might not know about. One and a half years ago I published a post about the similar tour I took in Copenhagen, and five years ago - about the tour around Lviv, Ukraine.

So this time, as I didn't have much time, I register for two tours with two different companies:

- Discover Walks that showed me around Montmartre - the tour was very nice and friendly, our tour guide showed us Montmartre with love and care of a person that calls it his home. Also, I really liked that fact that, even though I registered for the tour online, it wasn't obligatory, any person can just come to the meeting point and join the walk (this is the way it's supposed to be).
The only criticism about this tour - I really don't like the fact that the company posts the amount they expect you to tip your tour guide. Don't get me wrong, I know that Paris is an expensive city. That's why I always opt for local tours and not for those that are organised by international conglomerates. But the fact that they published the expected tip, and that the guide also voiced it on a few occasions (and this time it was 3 euro more) - I don't really like it. I might be old-fashioned, but tips are tips. If you are not happy with the amount people are leaving you, set a price for your services. 

- Sandemans New Europe with the Free Paris Tour - this one was the "city centre" tour that took us around the most famous sights of Paris (Notre Dame, Louvre, Tuileries garden etc). I loved that the tips were not set as a fixed amount, but this time I had to register and print my ticket out to be able to take the tour. 

Apart from this super touristic activities, my stay in Paris consisted of a lovely brunch with my friend, lovely walks, some shopping and, I admit, eating baguette with red wine under the Eiffel tower (yes, I am a walking cliche sometimes, no matter how much I would love to avoid it).

BTW, I also took an espresso at "Shakespeare and Co" - it was the worst espresso I had in my life, worse than any Nescafe or other instant coffee brand. But it was something I wanted to do for years, so I call it a life lesson.

For other details about my trip, including the details on where I stayed, what I wore and what I did - click on the video, and remember to subscribe to my channel, because you can expect lots of cool content coming your way.


See you around! Ciao!

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