середа, 29 вересня 2010 р.

Autumn is LOVE

I love autumn more than any other season, and it always was this way. I was born in October, and I've always loved the feel of autumn - the air is clearer, the weather is milder than in summer, you can experiment with clothes, layers, crarfs, gloves, boots, tigh-high socks and so long.
And I especially thankful to this wonderful season for such a creative mood. Everything I do - knitting, writing, painting - seems much more delicious in autumn.
There're some things that are making me happy this September:
- pumpkin earings, made by my mom. She's actually an author of almost all of my jewelry - she has a real talent for such things
- candles. I live candle light and little lighs I have over my bad. It's a real magic and beauty.
- silver. I've never been a fan of gold or any other kind of yellow metal, but I adore silver (and reading, BTW))) It's a coincidence, but good books are always a part of my autumn. And I love this postcard (it was a gift from the Modern Art museum)
- cherry syrup, made by my dad. My relationships with him were pretty hard during the years, but now we're on a pretty good spot. And he really makes an amazing cherry syrup. I've painted this jar of syrup and gave it to my friend Sasha, but I still have plenty in my kitchen)
- cross-stitching and embroidery. Not doing much of this lately, just this pillowcase. This pattern is originally from a book of celtic patterns, and brown&turquoise is my favorite color combination. This pictures were made last month, I've finished the cross-stitching part by now. But haven't got to crocheting part yet))
- knitting and crochet. Yeah, maybe It's making me a granny at the age of 25 years, but I do think that it's cool and hip))) And I always have the best scarfs and gloves, even if I'm on a really tight budget)
There's one of two of my blanket-projects, BTW. Love how it looks, but I still have a lot of work to do on this one))

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