вівторок, 28 вересня 2010 р.

Being Erica

I adore this show. It's beautiful, therapeutic and warm as a cup of tea, woolen socks and a hand-made blanket on autumn evening. I really like it a lot since the first episode. And I love Erin Karpluk, she's a sweetheart (and I'm really proud to be of the same descent as she is).
The collage is made by novalee17.tumblr.com.

Dr. Tom: Choose a door.
Erica: Just any door? Help me out here, I need some context. I mean, what am I supposed to do and how do I choose?
Dr. Tom: One day, Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a cheshire cat. ‘Which road do I take?’ she asked. ‘Where do you wanna go?’ was his response. ‘I don’t know’ answered Alice. ‘Then’ said the cat ‘it doesn’t matter’.


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