середа, 22 вересня 2010 р.

Some crocheting news

My best friend is having a birthday party this weekend. It's gonna be vampire-themed, so I'm thinking about my outfit for a few days now (gonna be a goth vampire, I guess. It's either this or I'd have to go to the party dressed as vampire dessert - in a frilly pink dress or something like that, channeling Sookie from True Blood. Well, ok, I'll deal with this.
I started making present for her some time ago and this is the part of it.
Four brown and turquoise trivets for plates, cups or jars. It's made of syntetic yarn - totally not my favorite, but it's quiet firm and perfect for putting plates on it))
My friend and her boyfriend just moved to their own new apartment and I guess they will appreciate some house-warming gifts.
Pictures are not really good (well, not good at all, the light in my appartment is tricky in the morning)). I also work on two scarfs now - one is orange-turquoise and it is an experiment (it has a very interesting form, i hope it'll turn out pretty) and a grey woolen sircle scarf.



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