пʼятниця, 26 листопада 2010 р.

So why there was no crafts night?

Because we got lazy! I was half dead from all the translations, girls were pretty much in the same state because of their jobs. So we cooked some yummy-yummy mushroom ravioli with tomato sauce and parmesan, opened a bottle of pink wine and listened to Sasha's stories about her and her boyfriend's rescent trip to Budapest-Milan-Geneva-Venezia-some other cities. Than we got our presents from her trip:
There're mine: small jewelry box with Raphael's angels (I have the umbrella with this print and when it's raining I always feel like I'm in Dresden's Gallery, in front of The Sistine Madonna), two rings, Hello Kitty (and polka dots, again) socks, few magnets and venezian mask earings.
I love this little cute things so much!
BTW, to finish the story with polka dots - I've ordered a pair of black and white polka dot rain boots today.
And then, after delicious dinner, we started our Pushing Daisies marathon. I adore this show! All the colors, aestetic, great humor and dialogues. And this amazing dresses. TV can't get better than Brian Fuller's TV-shows.


I think I can watch this show million times. And then once more.
Forecast promised us some snow in the next few days. I don't want any snow! I've ordered a pair of rain boots, for crying out loud!

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