пʼятниця, 31 грудня 2010 р.

Friend Friday - New Year's Resolutions

I'm so busy today with all the shopping, cleaning and cooking! Right now I'm tudying up my room while watching one of the best movies from my childhood - "Three hazelnuts for Cinderella". Still no signs of Holiday spirit, but I've had an amazing gift today - found the really cute band jacket in a thrift store)
I wish everyone a Happy New Year and peace and happiness to your's families!

1. What's the one thing you vow to learn or do in 2011 to improve your blog? I

I'd really like to learn some Photoshop or any other graphic redactor - when you like to take and post pictures it's becoming a necessity)

2. What did you learn about blogging in 2010 that you plan to put into practice next year?
I can't even begin to describe all thethings I've learned this year. I've been blogging for 5-6 years now, but this year was probably the most productive. I'd love to make more outfit posts and to work on my pictures more.

3. Do you have any high-level goals for your blog in the coming year? Monetization? More comments? More connections with other bloggers? A new template?
I think I just want to communicate more with my followers and with bloggers I follow. There're so many beautiful people around me)

4. If you could collaborate with one other blogger within your sphere of influence in 2011, who would you like to collaborate with and what would you like to collaborate on?
It's a tough question I'm afraid I don't have an answer for. I'm still a little unsure about my writing skills in English, so I'm a little scared of collaboration with other bloggers.

5. What do you plan to do to support other bloggers next year?
I plan to follow even more amazing bloggers and to comment and promote their interesting and helpful posts)))

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3 коментарі:

  1. Happy New Year, Marina! On #1: Oh, oh, do try Picnik.com! I'm amazed at the photo editing and effects it permits, even at the free layer...and I believe there's a Russian language interface, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

    It's pretty intuititve, I think. Once I upload a photo, I do cropping, resizing, contrast, and color balance under the Edit tab. Then I go to the Create tab and choose the Effects menu to play.

  2. Your english is great! I wouldn't worry at all about collaborating with other bloggers! Go for it! - Katy

  3. I'm with Katy your English is excellent I say collaborate away!

    Love and Kisses from The Fashion Brat

    P.S Happy New Year