пʼятниця, 31 грудня 2010 р.

2010 in pictures

It was a good, bad, great, hard, awesome and disasterous year, for which I'm still gratefull.

March 2010 - was taken at the street art show "The Square of Angels", the opening of the French Spring in Kyiv.

April 2010 - in my dressing room before the second La Scala concert.

May 2010 - picture by Irina Nikitina.

June 2010 - picture by my mom))

July 2010 - picture by Irina Nikitina, I'm painting a tote bag on the ethno-fest)) I actually really like the result)

August 2010 - pictures from our amazing trip to Lviv. The last one is made by me, all the others - by Irina Nikitina.

September 2010:
- the picture from my first outfit post on this blog (yes, a lame mirror shot, I'm sorry)))
- picture from Sasha's birthday party/picnic (I've had a post about it))

October 2010:
- picnic in the middle of autumn (October 15) - it was very spontanious, cold and pretty amazing)
- picture by Irina Nikitina)

November 2010

December 2010))

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