неділя, 5 грудня 2010 р.

Let's talk about buttons

I've been a little down lately - it's been 40 days since my dad died on Friday, and we have a tradition to gather on 9th and 40th day after person's death, and then after a year. And it was really hard for me - I didn't feel like seeing everyone.
So after everything I knew I have to switch to something nice and positive. And what can be nicer than some buttons?
I came through one of the jars of vintage buttons me and my mom inharited from my Granny and took some pictures. I loved this cute things since I was a little girl, and nothing changed till now. I like them even more, because they are from 50s,60s,70s and they don't make them like this anymore. I sometimes use some of them to spice up my handmade flower broches.

Those are glowing from inside, so beautiful...
1-(1) This three are really smooth and nice to touch.
IMG_1934 Beautiful carved yellow ones. IMG_1922

Oh, and I love these two - they consist of two parts and would be perfect for some kind of a white jacket or coat.
So, does anyone share the same love for buttons? Can you show me your favorite ones?

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  1. I love these buttons! A friend of mine showed me a wallet she just made which features a beautiful button she has from a sweater of her mother's. The buttons you've featured here are gorgeous.