четвер, 23 грудня 2010 р.

Prohibition era party

As I already wrote, my friend Mila and her students were making this beautifully themed party for a long time - auditioning the members of jazz-band from their faculty, rehearsing (she was singing with them) and all that jazz (sorry, I had to say that))))

So, long story short - that's my last night in pictures.

My dress made by my friend Alexandra, flower brooches crocheted by me, and I'm using a piece of a beautiful ivory lace as a belt. The dress is actually two dresses - the top one, made of lace, and the under dress, just plain LBD, made from thin knitwear.

Me and my personal designer))) Love her to death, she's an amazing friend. BTW, I've crocheted her headband (yeah, we've had a mutual agreement))) from two types of yarn and now I really want to try and make another one for myself from leftovers - I really like hoe shiny it looks.

The turquoise flower brooch is also made by me - it was one of the gifts for her birthday)))
This pink headband is also made by me, though it gives Lena a little bit of a hippie vibe, not a required art deco look)))

Subway on midnight))) Someone might think that we have a death wish, but Kyiv's subway is really safe and totally is the fastest way to get somewhere in the middle of the night.

Yeah, pink stripped gloves, 'cause that's how I roll)

Food and beer))) Not as fancy as the beginning of the evening, but well, we were hungry (and my doctor told me that I'm okay to drink now)) And it's kind of a Mexican/South American caffee, so we looked kinda cool there, with all our flowers and pearls))) In the end of the evening some guys brought us a bottle of champaigne and one of them made me take his phone number, because I don't usually gave mine.
Then I had to go to my friend's house for the night, because we've had a little problem with cabs. And she forgot her keys at home, so we had to ring and make her boyfriend let us in, and I'm still so sorry for him, we didn't mean to wake him up at 2.30 a.m.)))) And in the morning we've had a great breakfast and the I went home. People in the subway were totally digging the cross-stitched pillow I was carrying ( I've cross-stitched it long time ago and gave it to Alexandra to make a pillow case of it, and now I finally got it back)))).
So last night was great and now I'm drinking tea, listening to Joshua Bell and trying to make my homework for radio-school)

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  1. You all look fabulous. Thank you for sharing pictures of your ensembles! I'm so envious of your chance to dress up for a theme party. I love your ivory flower brooch, so elegant in your dark hair, and your pink shawl is lovely.

    You have such pretty eyes, Marina; no wonder your group had fellows buying you champagne and pushing phone numbers!