неділя, 16 січня 2011 р.

Antares flower buttons

I'm feeling a bit down now, I can't even explain why. Lot's of work (and I'm so not happy about it - yes, it's paying the bills, but I've never intended to become a translator and never enjoyed it too much), broken laptop (it's been broken for a while, but the guy who's usually taking care about it is still traveling somewhere), broken PC monitor (now I have use my mom's acient monitor that's randomly changing colors - my eyes are not pleased). Plus I'm sleepy all the time. I think I need some pomegranates or some pomegranate juice - it always gives me energy and hepls me not to brood about such random and uncatastrofic thing like broken laptop and actually having enough work to pay the bills.
I'm still waiting for Ira to send me all the pictures from holidays, so I don't have anything to post except for this one:
Me, using free wi-fi in Murakami. I think it was taken when one of my tweets mysteriously disappeared, that's why I'm looking so sad.
But you can see some of acessories I'm making for sale - crochet earings and the ring. I've been in love with this color lately.

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