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Monday fashion inspirations - girls, who can sew

One of the things I'd really like to learn is how to sew. I can knit, crochet, cross-stitch and embroider quite good (I think I need to post some of my cross-stitching works as a proof), but I can't sew even if my life depended on it. Surely, I can mend clothes, I even have a litte experience with sewing an apron on a sewing machine (you should've seen those stitches!), but I can't make a skirt or a dress.
It've been wanting to learn how to sew for a long time now. But these three beautiful ladies inspire me so much, that I'm actually thinking of applying for courses this summer. It's a long studying programm (but the best in my city, my mom studied there when she was a student), which'll take me two years to finish, but I really want to be able to make clothes.
So, ladies who inspire me:
Keiko Lynn from Keiko Lynn
This beautiful girl recunstructs vintage clothes and makes new dresses herself for her clothing line Postlapsaria. I adore her signature peplum skirts, as well as beautiful dresses.

All the pictures are taken from Keiko's blog.

Marisa Lynch from New Dress A Day - an amazing blogger who rescebntly finished her year long journey of "365 days, 365 dollars" and made 365 pieces of closing, reconstructing old huge dresses from pile sales. She's starting a second year in a few weeks.
I'm really impressed by her abilities - she takes a dress, which looks like this ...and makes it look like this!

All the pictures are taken from Marisa's blog.

I have a few vintage things which are demanding some work - I've bought them mostly for fabric, and they don't fit at all (I have a skirt in British size 24). So Marisa's way definitelly is one of the ways I'd love to go in the future.

And the third lady was already introduced in this blog few times. She's my friend and a great seamstress Sasha. She's the one who made me that amazing black lace dress for 1920s themed party.

I know that a lot of great ladies I follow also can sew - Anika from By Anika, poet from Seamstress Stories and many other. I just want to tell every single one of you - girls, you are such an inspiration to me! Thank you so much for showing me all the beauty of creating clothes with you own hands :*)

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  1. What a fantastic post. I new about marisa, but had no idea about the rest. I shall have a good look at their blogs.
    So we share the love for angels. I also love fairies: strong, free women with wings.