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Friend Friday - Authenticity

1. Most readers and fellow fashion bloggers value authenticity in the blogs they read. How would you describe blog/blogger authenticity? 
Blogger authenticity, to me, is being true to yourself and not trying to become someone else. When a person is pretending to be someone she/he's not, at some point it shows. I used to know a few bloggers who acted all tough and sometimes even rude in their blogs. But when I met them in real life I saw a couple of very shy girls who were pretty awkward in comunicating. I'd love to know them as they are - shy, modest, with nice manners. But their blogs became their masks and it seemed like by their sharpness and rudeness they were trying to overcompensate for their diffidence. And though I liked talking to them over a cup of latte, being rude to your readers just to seem more tough is seriously uncool. 

2. When it comes to your blog how do you infuse it with that true/authentic feeling? 
I don't know, actually. I'm writing this blog in English, which is not my native language, so I obviously don't write it the way I speak. But I hope that my personality shows through my writing and pictures.

3. Have you stopped following a blog in the last three months? What made you lose interest? 
I did, I guess. I'm think at times it was because of the bad quality of pictures - I don't mind it usually, I don't have a descent camera either, but sometimes I just don't understand why someone would want to post 20 dark and fuzzy pictures in a row. It just goes with the territory - I'm a visual person, I love pictures and thats why I can be annoyed by a huge amount of unaesthetic images. I'm sorry, but that the way I am) And also when I feel the lack of authenticity, as I said in my answers to first question. 

4. We can't communicate effectively on our blogs, something we don't live in real life... what are some ways you try to live an authentic life? 
 I'm trying to make my blog show me the way i am - to write what I think and the way I thing. I think that's it.) 

5. Give a shout-out... Which bloggers do you think are truly genuine and why? 
I can't name only a few names, sorry. I usually follow only the blogs I really like and I usually like genuine and interesting blogs. I've read every page of some blogs I'm following, and I think that truly genuine bloggers are writing in a way that makes you feel like you know them. 

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  2. I think you do a great job writing in English, especially considering it is not your native language. No worries! - Katy