субота, 22 січня 2011 р.

And she's in your house made of gingerbread...



Jeans - Mavi
Black and white stripped top - Marks and Spenser (not visible on pictures)
Sweater - thrifted (it was kind of an impulsive purchase - I really liked how bright it is, just what I needed to cheer me up)
Boots - vintage (the warmest and the most coziest pair of boots I've ever had)
Earings and ring - handmade, from my shop Antares Flower Buttons

These pictures were taken almost two weeks ago, but with all this craziness - broken laptop, broken desktop computer and Ira, who's holding my pictures hostage - I can show them only now. I still don't have pictures from previous days, so I'm posting everything without order (it's soooo against my nature).
I was dressing up every day for more than a week (for a girl who works from home and can live in her pijamas or cut off jeans shorts + t-shirt splashed with paint it huge), and I still can show you only the day I was back in jeans! C'est la vie... I hope no one minds me wearing jeans again (except me)

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