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Monday fashion inspirations - Pan Am bags

To me Pan Am always was a symbol of the whole era which is long gone now. The era of smiling flight attendants in beautiful uniforms, creative ad pictures, charm and romance of traveling. Well, and that's for me, though I was born and raised in a different country and different culture.
I guess I have to blame my uncle who is a pilot for all this stupid romaticizing. But it's too late - I'm already damaged for life, from the moment he gave the 9 year old me a beautiful Delta Airlines wing pin (I've broke it a few month ago and I'm still devastated).
For many years I was deaming about this vintage Pan Am travel bag. I adore their merchandise - bags, pasport covers, pens, everything.


But buying one is not so easy if you live so far away. Well, I can find lots of them on ebay or etsy for like 5.99 dollars. But to buy it I have to also pay something like 25 dollars for shipping. I am a desperate Pan Am merchandise lover, but I love my money too.

But rescently some woman put a similar Pan Am bag on one of our locan internet auctions. It was madly overpriced (once again, I am a desperate romantic, but this is plastic, not gold).
No one was beting, and I can see that she lowered the price a little. I hope that she will put it up for sale again (it's currently in a "no bets, end of auction" state, but I'm optimistic). Or, is she wouldn't, I'll ask one of my friend who often goes to Seattle for work to make me a HUGE favor and find it for me.
It's such an amazing piece for creating a great street style outfit, I'm wondering why it's so rarely used.

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  1. I too am a total 1960's-1970's flight attendant fan! Pan Am and TWA, two great airlines. I'm sorry they are gone. I saw someone last summer carrying the bag you like. She was standing on the subway platform with it. It was great! I saw on eBay that most people who are selling them have them way overpriced. I will keep my eyes out for you and let you know if I see one that's not too expensive.

  2. Thank you my friend for your kind comments.

  3. I love old vintage flight bags, I've sold a few on eBay in the past but they are very heavy to post. xxx

  4. Oh my goodness! I think my family had a Pan Am bag just like the one in your second picture, the light blue one. It was my Grandma F's, if I remember correctly. Or perhaps it was her sister's. It was in our upstairs luggae storage area for years. I'm not sure if it's still around the homestead in Michigan, or what condition it's in. I'll ask my mom the next time I email her.

    I wish, in general, for the old times when air travel was an exciting pleasure, not a tedious and paranoid torment.

  5. luggage storage area, I meant to say.

    And yes, the postage is crazy-high to Russia, even if we still had the bag!

  6. I apologize, Marina. For so much of my childhood and youth, that region was the USSR, and we usually just called it "Russia" -- so much easier. It's an old and inaccurate habit. I will be more careful in the future!

  7. Buying pan am bags is easy. The airline doesn't exist but the brand does. Marc Jacobs recently got involved and designed a whole line of stuff but you can also get vintage looking stuff. Don't bother with ebay, buy direct from Pan Am!