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Monday fashion inspirations - Vyshyvanka

Vyshyvanka(вишивaнка) is traditional Ukrainian shirt, which is made of linen (in acient times - homemade linen) and contains elements of Ukrainian ethnic embroidery. The ornaments and colors of embroidery usually depends on the region of Ukraine it's been made in.
But to write a historical article is not my intention))). Vyshyvanka shirts became quite a popular piece of clothing in street fashion and even in haute couture collections. Modern and acient, made by great grandmothers, made by girls (and even guys) themselves, bought on a fair or from a designes boutique, worn with ripped jeans, harem pants, tutu skirts, shorts or as a dress, vyshyvankas are one of the most interesting pieces of clothing that can be seen on the streets, on festivals, even at the red carpet events and official receptions.
Amount of people, wearing vyshyvanka shirts, can surprise you)))

Among the vyshyvanka lovers you can find:


1. Kateryna Yushchenko, the ex First Lady of Ukraine, as well as the ex-President himself


2. Vitalyna Yushchenko, his older daughter and a known fashionista


3. Ruslana, famous singer and the winner of Eurovision Song Contest in 2004.

Vyshyvanka shirts and the traditional embroidery and beads patterns became the source of inspiration for a lot of fashion designes, not just Ukrainian ones. Paco Rabanne created a lot of pieces ispired by Ukrainian motifs, and even began to work with Ukrainian fashion designer Veronica Jeanvie. Ukrainian designers, f.e. Roksolana Bogutska, also love to incorporate traditional embroidery elements in their pieces.


Vyshyvankas are also amazing for playing with it to create a unique street style outfit:


All the pictures are fond via Google Image Search or taken from designer's web-sites. Oh my, I want to kiss and hug every person who read all of this. I think I've got carried away a bit)
I love embroidery in fashion with all of my heart. Not just traditional, ethnic types, but all of it. I don't think that vyshyvanka shirts have to become some kind of international fashion trend, it'd be just silly. But I have a HUGE appreciation for the smart incorporation of ethnic pieces into every day clothes. It's cute, it's interesting and it can make an ordinary outfit very beautiful. Just a simple piece of jewelry, or tapestry belt, or embroidered shirt.
And the last thing - I do wear vyshyvanka sometimes, but not every day. I have two, and my favorite one is a family treasure - my great grandma made the fabric (she was the master weaver), my grandma embroidered it and my mom made a shirt of it. I love it to pieces, so I'm very careful about wearing it. I usually save it for very warm summer days and open air festivals, and wear it with jeans or denim skirts, sandals, canvas sneakers and interesting jewelry. Sadly, I don't have many pictures of me wearing it.

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  1. Thank you for this post. It was gorgeous and I learned something new. I've missed you over the holidays. Is that last picture in the previous post the black lace dress for the Prohibition Party? I love it!

  2. I love this post! All of the pictures are so beautiful.

    xx Charlotte

  3. this is absolutely amazing! i love vyshytya so so much, and to see this great collection of images youve made is a dream come true! thank you! x