середа, 9 лютого 2011 р.

Buried in work, craving spring

I'm so tired I have no words to explain how much exactly.

I work at office again (9:30 a.m. till 18:00 p.m.) and we're launching a huge project, so it's a lot of work from the very first day. Then I come home (I'm so lucky it's just two subway station from my home) and I sit down and work again, translating Community till 0:00 or later. Then, if I'm lucky and my eyes are not hating me yet, I watch something or read a few pages of a book. Then I sleep till 7:30. And it's all repeating.
Can't wait till weekend - I'd have to translate too, but I also have Finnish sauna booked for me and my friends on Friday night and studio production on Sunday.
I'm feeling like the worst blogger ever, because I don't write much. But after the whole day of writing scripts and policies, and then translating I don't have any interesting thought whatsoever.
I'm sorry, guys, I'll try and plan my next week better, because this lifestyle is so not healthy.

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