понеділок, 7 лютого 2011 р.

Monday fashion inspirations - cuff links


I absolutely adore cuff links. Classic, modern, funny - all of them. I love them on men and women, with nice tailored shirt and expencive suit or with something more casual and creative.

Decepticon cuff links (yes, I'm a nerd)))

All the pictures were found via Google image search.

I just love them. And I've been looking for the right kind of shirt to wear my father's cuff links with for a very long time. And today I was lucky enough to find one in a thrift store not far away from my home. And it was very cheap too. So a win-win-win situation here)))

2 коментарі:

  1. I hope you will do a post wearing your new shirt and your father's cuff links. I love cuff links too but I feel like I hardly ever see them anymore.

  2. I would love to be able to wear cufflinks but finding womens shirts with cufflink holes is hard in the UK! We bought the guitar ones for one of our ushers for the wedding. All the men in the bridal party had individual cufflinks to go with their hobbies or interests. We had guitars, spanners, alien heads, 8 balls and steering wheels.

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