понеділок, 7 березня 2011 р.

Handmade fair


I'm preparing my 'flower buttons' for the handmade fair which starts this Wednesday. As I'm working full time now, I can't be present at the fair myself, so my friends are graciously offered to sell my jewelry for me (I love my friends).
Here's a small part of what I'm presenting at the fair. There's still a big package of jewelry my mom made and a few of my painted bottles. But right now I'm working on these crochet goodies while watching Iron Chef Uk. And I'm basically feel like an Iron Chef - I have so much going on at the same time! Painting the buttons (yes, I'm painting the buttons which are going on top of some brooches), crocheting earings, putting brooches together while also working on the stand project... Insane. But so cool.

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