вівторок, 5 квітня 2011 р.

outfit post


Jacket - Wallis (thrifted)
Sweater - Oggi
Tweed skirt - don't know the brand, bought it at Metro (these photos don't do it justice - it has a beautiful big tweed bow on the belt, but here it blends with the background )
Boots - Sketchers
Angel earings - made by my mom
Snake ring - my mom's (vintage)
Ring - Parfois
Bracelets - a gift from Poland


Yesterday I've met with one of my very darling friends who I've missed enormously. She lives in Warsaw for a few years now and I see her once in a few month. I have two friends in Warsaw and Kyiv is not the same without them.
So we've spent a great evening - pizza, lattes, talks and a wonderful company. I love you, luv.

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