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Full Time Fabulous - Where are you from?

I'm so happy to become a part of Full Time Fabulous Community. I't such a great project! For the first month we will be talking about the places we call our home. 


My home is Kyiv (Kiev), the capital of Ukraine (which is the largest country in Europe). My country was a part of USSR till 1991, when we finally got out independence. So no, Ukraine is not Russia. We are and independent country, with our oun language, history and culture, and it always makes me quite sad when people are saying: "Oh, you're Russian". I'm not, I don't have a single drop of Russian blood, and I was born and raised in Ukraine, in a very pathriotic family.


According to the legend, Kyiv was built more than a 1500 years ago by prince Kyi, his two brothers and his sister Lybid. There's also a beautiful legend about Apostle Saint Andrew, who came on the banks of the river Dnieper, put his cross into the ground and said: "It's gonna be a great city here". This beautiful Baroque church called Saint Andrew's Church was built on that place by Bartolomeo Rastrelli in 1767.


Kyiv is a great place to live. It's one of the greenest cities in the world - we have lot's of parks, even in the centre of the city. As for architecture - Kyiv combines ascient buildings and monument from times when the medieval East Slavic civilization was developing on this land, architecture from XVII-XIX, a few quite ugly gifts from Soviet era, and modern architecture which is a mixture of neon lights and XIX century styled buildings.


I love my city with all of my heart. We all have some things that define us (and I've never thought that it's bad). So being from Kyiv is one of mine, and it's as important as me being a woman, a vegetarian or a writer.
And I know that in every place my life will take me to, I will always be proud and happy to say that I'm from Kyiv. My city is beautitiful, historical, spiritual, very happy and very safe. It's the city of my ancestors (I'm of Ukrainian, Czhech and Karelian origin, but I'm the 4th generation of my family who lives in Kyiv).


I'm not sure I've participaded in the right way (need to read manual again)), but it;s such a great topic I wanted to write about it no matter what. Also, please check out fulltimefabulous.com blog.

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