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Monday fashion inspiration - Dolly Kei

I've wrote about some trends of Japanese street style before and my post on Mori girls style is still very popular. I love street fashion and Japanese fashion, and I love to write about the stuff I love (ha)), so... Here we go.
Dolly kei are often mistaken for Mori girls, but this two styles are totally different. Yes, they have some similarities, but while Mori girls are all about light and lace and cuteness, Dolly Kei girls are taking very different approach.

They loves everything all the old and mysterious - grimoirs, sculls, bird bones, acient trunks, scary Eastern European fairy-tales and Gypsy culture. Their best friends are porcelain dolls, books of spells, antic pocket watches and cameos. They are modern versions of scary witches, those who steal children and live in a forest in a small house that stands on chicken legs.
While Mori girls love pastel colours and trying to create a really young and fresh look, Dolly Kei girls are found of all the things old and dark. They don't go for pastels, they love their clothes dark - purple, green, burgundy, brown, dark blue...
All the pictures are found via Google Image search and at http://dolly-kei.tumblr.com/

They don't like to look natural. Their style is their costume - old clothes, weird jewelry and accessories, bright hair. They look really weird but pretty amazing at the same time.
That's Japanese street style for you - eye-catching, impractical, extreme, but so very addictive. Don't know about you, but I can look at these pictures for hours)

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  1. ow i just did a japanese street fashion inspired post too!... http://www.thefashionturd.com/2011/06/trifle-headed-kawaii-turd.html

  2. I want to be one of these girls!! I think they have my ideal style...


  3. I thought of you last night, did you know a new show called "PanAm" is coming out on TV this fall? It was advertised yesterday evening on ABC. Oh, and I saw a gal on the subway last week with one of those great PanAm bags you (and I) like.

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