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{outfit post - time for a tea party}

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First of all - my mom was so happy, when I've translated all of your kind comments to her))) She loves this dress so much) Also she'd corrected me - it was 1976, not 1972. She said, that she was so excited about that dress, that she'd put it on as soon as she pinned (!) the cut out fabric together and ran two stairs up looking like that just to show it to her friend)))
Well, my mom's crazy and it's a family thing)

Second - the autumn is coming! It's not in the air yet, but I think I can already smell it. I love autumn!
I wore this outfit for a walk around city, but I tend to wear it for a lot of occasions - work, going to movies, meeting friends. It's pretty, yet very comfortable, and it matches great with these espadrillas (funny thing - I've bought shoes first).
Also - I think graffiti shot are my thing now. Exibit A, Exibit B, Exibit C)

По-перше - моїй мамі було дуже приємно, коли я прочитала їй всі ті чудові коментарі. Вона дуже любить ту сукню. До речі, вона мене виправила - це було 1976-го руку, а не 1972. Вона каже, що їй так сподобалась ця сукня, що вона, ледве сколовши вирізані шматки тканини булавками, побігла сходами на два поверхи вгору, щоб показатися своїй подрузі))
Так, моя мама божевільна, і це спадкове)
По-друге - скоро осінь! Ще не відчуваєтсья її присутність, але я вже відчуваю осінній запах. Обожнюю осінь!
Це вбрання я вдагала на прогулянку містом, але часто ношу його з будь-якого приводу - на роботу, в кіно, на зустріч з друзями. Вона гарні, але, водночас, і зручна, до того ж чудово поєднується з взуттям (смішно, але спочатку я купила його).
До речі - здається, фотографії на фоні граффіті стали моєю фішкою. Exibit A, Exibit B, Exibit C)
Dress - thrifted
Espadrillas - Skechers
Sunnies - Peacocks
Earrings - made by my mom
Bracelet - gift from Thailand
Owl ring - Seppala, gift from my mom.

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12 коментарів:

  1. Looking gorgeous! I'm glad you let your Mum know that we loved her dress. x

  2. Such a pretty dress - and I like the contrast of the girly floral print against the graffiti!

  3. Beautiful and I think graffiti shots are always a great background for outfit photos. I love the print on your dress and your owl ring!

    Your mom has great taste in accessories and clothing!!

  4. You look very nice in that dress :)

  5. Another beautiful dress. Love those warm floral print against the dark background. The shape of the dress seems to be just right for you! It looks very flattering on you. Great find.

    Please peredai Mame teplie pozhelania!

  6. p.p.s.
    marina, ya ne mogu naiti vash email address na vashem bloge. do you mind shooting me an email to georgiagirl1974 at hotmail dot com? Ya xotela vam napisatj no bolee private. Thanks!

  7. Such a lovely and romantic dress! Thanks so much for your sweet comments regarding my daughter and uniform dressing. She's having a great time putting together all of her outfits! hugs to you! ~Serene

  8. Marina, this dress is so great on you, it really suits your dark hair, and I have thought this before but will say it now, you are such a gorgeous girl!

  9. Nice dress and owl ring! I also saw the dress your mother made. That is just gorgeous and it has so much history! That is definitely something to be treasured :)


  10. I love that dress!! It's SO stunning! Great style :)