субота, 24 вересня 2011 р.

(Thrift) finds of the week

More like two weeks)
Sorry, I meant to make a post last week, but all of my newly thristed stuff was in the washing machine)) I don't know why all of the stuff is so color-less, it wasn't my intention. It's just that my favorite store didn't have anything interesting in color.


1. Super big nude colored sweater from East Coast - it's too big on me, but really cute and cozy, so I plan to wear it with shorts and boots.
2. Grey chunky scarf - super soft and cheap.
3. Black one shoulder top from F&F - wasn't planning on buying anything, but it lookes too cute) I want to wear it with some full skirt and a flower brooch.
4. Black knitwear vest from Warehouse - waited for the right price, dreaming about what I'm gonna wear it with. The right answear - with everything!))

Also I've bought two pairs of boots - not from a thrift store, but at the sale, so they were rather cheap. Black ones are from Bershka, anr they are perfect for wearing them over skinny jeans. I think it was my beat purchase of these two weaks, because I'm leaving for Moscow in three days and it's much colder there now. Kyiv is still enjoying +23-25 C temperatures, but there's line +12 C in Moscow these days. I think I need to take my coat with me (and it's a bit depressing).
The second pair are supposedly from Christian Lay (I'm not sure). Theay are a bit rough, but I was thinking about buying something like riding boots for all the summer. I already have tons of stuff I want to wear them with.
Well, that's it for now. I do plan on going to the thrift market tomorrow though. I want to find some books for a friend and some cute traveling items as well.



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  1. Hi, your blog is amazing!
    I really love the shots :)

    Check out mine!

  2. Oh my dear I love both of those boots - you can NEVER have too many buckles, that's what I say!!! I'm completely in love with the colourful, knitted blanket in the background too. I hope you take some pics of Moscow for us to see - I would love to see what you wear as well:)) xoxoxo

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  4. I love both sets of boots. I need to get flat boots this year, so far I have wedge boots (which I love) and knee high boots with a high heel, kind of hard to walk in.

    So I watched the Pan Am show. I don't know. I will tune in again to see if I can fall in love but so far it's not as compelling as "Mad Men" or my all-time favorite "True Blood." I hope you have your Pan Am bag out and about!

  5. Damn those are some great finds and those boots are amazing! I love both!

  6. Such great finds! I wish there was a good thrift store where I live!

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