середа, 23 листопада 2011 р.

{outfit post - it's getting cold on this island}

I haven't posted any autumn outfits yet, so i need to change it.
This one is from when I visited Moscow. It was pretty warm in Kyiv, but pretty cold in Moscow, so i had to put om some layers.

Dress - Topshop
Coat - no brand, bought in Metro (love those knitted sleeves, such a cute detail)
Cardigan - thrifted
Boots - Bershka
Tights - Legs Color
Scarf - b.p.c.
Belt - b.p.c.
Bag - no brand
Gloves - DIY



Pictures (c) by Elena Nikitina

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  1. Marina, I love this outfit on you. Of course, you are so pretty you can make anything look good! 'Pan Am' is not having any new shows until Dec. 4 and I am having withdrawal symptoms. I love it more than I thought I would. Hope you are using your Pan Am bag! XO, Jill

  2. You look so pretty and I love those purple tights. x

  3. lovely blog and Im going to follow! you are very beautiful :)

    follow back?

  4. Hello gorgeous Marina, How are you getting on with the Christmas Swap parcel???