неділя, 11 грудня 2011 р.

Sorry for disappearing - life's been really crazy lately.

Lots of work - both at my day job and with freelance projects - and lots of stuff in my real life that needed my attention.

I've organized a party for 9 year old boy, who wanted a to learn how to krump (so I've invited a former SYTYCD participant to teach him and his guests)).

I've also spoken to teens in the Leader School about being an event planner and taught them how to organize a simple party.

My nephew celebrated his 3 birthday (Игорешка, я тебя очень люблю и желаю всего самого-самого! Расти здоровым и счастливым на радость папе и маме!).

And on the sad note - one of my best friends lost her father, so all of my hart goes to her and her family (Luv, I know, how hard this is. Hold on, be strong, and I'm always there for you).

But I'll try and be a better blogger from now on. So a few outfit posts are coming up pretty soon)

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