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{holiday time outfit post - Snow White}

We've had a holiday party at work (well, actually we've had it at the country club). The theme was movie and cartoon heroes, so I've decided I just have to be Snow White. Ever since I've cut my hair everyone is telling me that I look like Disney Snow White (and also I have a mug with her picture). My favorite Disney pricess is Jasmin, but that was out of the question - nether hair no abs to pull her costume off))
I thought about renting the costume, but then decided that it'stoo easy and no fun. So I've paid something like 1.5 dollars for my costume and still am really happy about it.

My costume consisted of:

Thrifted vitage dress - actually, one of the first itenms I ever thrifted.
My mom's petticoat - to add some volume to the dress bottom
Thrifted M&S slip
My mom's red belt
(my mom is a very stylish woman)))
Polka dotted balerinas - Blink, I've bought them for the whole summer
Cherry earrings - made by my mom ages ago
Red bows for shoes - bought at the decorations shop
Big red bow - I've made it from some ribbons.

I'm pretty happy with how my costume turned out. I loved being a 60-s inspired Snow White)))
The party was a huge success (I was the one of the two planners, so I'm pretty happy with it). We've had so many great costumes! Doctor House, Batman, Darth Veider, Tinker Bell, Lilu from the Fifth Element, Desperado, even Uncle Sam)). Also a few twins - two Cruellas, two Legally Blondes, two Pippy Longstockings, lots and lots of pirats)))





With my closest colleagues - Katya (La Bandida), Lena (Cruella de Vil), Diana (Debbi Callahan from Police Academy) and Maks (Léon The Professional)

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  1. That looks like so much fun - Great outfit! I love the print dress!

  2. You make a WONDERFUL Snow White! Happy New Year pretty girl! Hugs! ~Serene

  3. You look lovely, I'd love to go to a party like that... I don't know who I would dress as though. I hope you have a great new year. x