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{How I Wear My: Red, White and Blue}

Thanks to gorgeous Jill from Everything Just So and Adrienne from The Rich Life (on a budget) for featuring me in their How I Wear My: Red, White and Blue round up))
As you know, I'm from Ukraine, so our flag is in blue and yellow, but this doesn't mean that I don't appreciate this gorgeous color combination. I love wearing all of those colors, separately and together, and I'm really happy that I decided to order this dress - it's perfect. Not only for the challenge, for me))
I was actually going to the stadium to watch England-Italy game that day (yes, I wear dresses to watch football games)) But there was a little mix up with the tickets, so we end up watching the game in the Fun Zone. It was great anyways, but I was so sad England lost that night(

Чудові Jill з Everything Just So та Adrienne з The Rich Life (on a budget), дякую вам за те, що включили мене до нового випуску How I Wear My: Red, White and Blue))
Як ви знаєте, я з України, тому кольори мого прапора - жовтий та синій. Але це не означає, що я не люблю це чудове поєднання кольорів. Я люблю носити їх окремо та разом, і дуже рада, що замовила цю сукню - вона чудова. Не лише для челленджу, а й просто для мене))
У той день ми збирались на стадіон, на гру Англія-Італія (так, я ходжу на стадіон у сукнях)). Але вийшла невеличка плутанина з квитками, тому ми зрештою дивились гру у фанзоні. Все було чудово, хоч я й вболівала за Англію.

I wore/Я вдягала:

Dress/Сукня - Vero Moda (via Asos)
Belt/Пояс - Oggi (don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but it has a little bow on the front)
Bag/Сумка - thfrifed
Sandal/Сандалі - Bling (I'm so sick of them, can't wait to wear something prettier))
Locket/Медальон - via Etsy (it has the picture of the White Rabbit) 

295478_10150981234959650_1440116206_n (563x422)

You can see all of the great outfits at Adrienne's blog over here))

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  1. Marina, thank you so much for joining us for the red, white and blue post, I loved not only your outfit, but the whole scene of your picture. It was really perfect! We are doing Chanel-Inspired outfits on August 1, you know I would love it if you joined us! XO, Jill

  2. I love your striped dress with that red belt. So cute!

    Are you on vacation? :)